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A Professional Hair Artist , Entrepreneur, and SURVIVAL SPEAKER

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About GAIL

Gail Estella has been a cosmetologist for forty years. Gail Estella attended Columbia Beauty School, and received her Master Hair Cutting diploma from Dudley’s University Kernersville, North Carolina. Gail also graduated from Kenneth Shulers Methods of Training program Columbia, South Carolina and is a licensed South Carolina Instructor. This has afforded her to offer CEU classes through her iConcepts Cosmetology Association. Following her daughter Asja’s death in June of 2017, she completed a sympathy floral arrangement course from Central Piedmont Community College, Charlotte, North Carolina. She has since turned this hobby into a business, Aesie Florals.

She has received numerous awards and certificates in the field of Cosmetology. She continues to attend hair shows, classes and seminars that can further her skills, education, and passion as a cosmetologist. Her focus is ensuring her clients maintain healthy hair. Her specialties are cutting, coloring, and natural hair. In February of 2020, Gail opened Gail Estella Hair Studio in Rock Hill, South Carolina. One of the goals for GES is to serve as a catalyst of the community. Transformation Tuesday was implemented as a way of giving back. Every second Tuesday of the month is dedicated to servicing deserving women of the community, with no worries of pay. Gail Estella Hair Studio offers the intimate feeling of home in a professional atmosphere.

Gail Estella has been a member of Freedom Temple Ministries for 21 years. She volunteers with the All Access Youth Movement, where she serves as a teacher for the 3-5 year olds, and the event and outreach coordinator. Some of her duties are to introduce the youth to cultural events and service projects to give back to the community. To honor Asja’s memory and legacy, A.A.Y.M adopted the “Hats for Asja’” campaign. Asja’ started this campaign in 2010 upon returning from St. Jude Children’s Hospital Memphis, Tennessee. Hats are collected to donate to hospitals for children that are undergoing cancer treatments. Gail Estella enjoys reading, gardening, interior designing, and designing unique floral arrangements. Gail Estella is in love with cosmetology today as much as she was over 35 years ago. She still gets to create and help women feel beautiful inside and out.

About Gail

About GAIL estella hair studio

Gail Estella Hair Studio LLC (GES) was founded in Rock Hill, South Carolina on February 5, 2020, by Gail Estella Wright, a licensed cosmetologist, and cosmetology instructor. Gail Estella stepped out on faith and had a novel idea to open a hair salon, after the loss of her beloved daughter Asja’ McCullough, that would mirror her passion, professionalism, and personal touch as she marvels in her craft of cosmetology, education, and motivation for her clients and community. Gail Estella Hair Studio provides “the intimate feeling of home in a professional atmosphere” and each client knows that they are welcomed, valued, and appreciated. Gail Estella’s desire is for her hair studio to serve as a catalyst for community service in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and surrounding areas.

• Mission Statement:


Gail Estella's Hair Studio LLC is to cater to the clients' inner and outer beauty in an intimate and professional atmosphere. While serving as a catalyst for the community. 


• Vision Statement:


Gail Estella's Hair Studio LLC will continue to stay abreast of the latest hairstyles, techniques, and technology in an ever changing industry to meet our guests' wants and needs.

“Transformation Tuesdays” is a monthly GES community service project during which a hair makeover is provided to an underprivileged woman within the community. Gail Estella believes deeply in community and public service and embraces all customers from near and far. Gail Estella Hair Studio offers a wide variety of cosmetology services including stylish haircuts, custom hair coloring, natural hair care, and many other services. Gail Estella believes that healthy hair is the foundation for cosmetological success, customer satisfaction and provides hair care evaluation, treatment, and products for healthy hair.

Hair Studio
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bald, bold, and beautiful movement

Imagine, the  doctor informs you that you have cancer, or perhaps you develop alopecia, or are experiencing other forms of hair loss. You are devastated, and all you can think of is losing your hair, your crown, your glory. You are wondering how can I be beautiful with no hair, how can I be bald and beautiful?  This is the beginning of the metamorphosis stage to becoming a Bold, Bold, and Beautiful Woman. In the cocoon stage, feelings may include: doubt ( I can’t do this), low self-esteem (who will love me with hair loss?) bargaining (God, I will do anything, just don’t allow me to lose my hair), why me (of all the women…), and I don’t feel beautiful ( how can I be with hair loss?). But in time, a new way of thinking occurs, faith is elevated, and now it’s time for a change. Now, the metamorphosis begins into thoughts and feelings of certainty, confidence, acceptance, welcoming and the belief one’s beauty occurs. After the completion of the metamorphosis phase, a Bald, Bold, and Beautiful Woman emerges.


I remember attending Middle School for the first time and noticing girls with long hair. This was my first time of me equating hair with beauty, and comparing myself to other girls and because I didn’t have long hair, I didn’t feel beautiful. This was the beginning of low self-esteem and low self-confidence. I grew my hair into a loc style that hung past my shoulders. Finally, I had the long hair that I always longed for. But it wasn’t enough to take away my insecurities about hair. One night looking in the mirror after a long day of work, I remember telling myself how tired and worn I looked. I began to cut my hair, freeing myself from many negative thoughts and feelings.  Immediately, I felt liberated as I shed my hair!

The Bald, Bold, and Beautiful Movement (BBB) was birthed for woman who still harbors that little 11-year-old girl inside of her with low self esteem from hair envy.  It’s for that woman who chooses to wear her hair shaven, as well as for the woman who is experiencing hair loss and are entering the cocoon stage of metamorphosis. The BBB movement strives to assist women in becoming  excited about their metamorphosis into a #BBB Sista. The # BBB Movement provides a platform where women may be: transparent, true to themselves, share experiences and advice, build strength, and hope with other women who have similar goals in becoming a Bald, Bold, and Beautiful!

Gail Estella presents the Bald, Bold, and Beautiful Movement “To Empower, Uplift, and Strengthen women to know that they are beautiful with or without hair.”

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